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If Atheismplus proponents (or anyone) wanted to support sex workers rights they should:


In no particular order,

1) Stop having those endless feminist discussions of whether choosing to do sex work reinforces ‘partriarchy’ – you want to talk about that? Ok fine, but not in the context of ‘social justice for sex workers’ you won’t. Most sex workers don’t give a fuck if you think they reinforce patriarchy or not, and most of the ones that *DO care* only care because they know you are wrong.

2) Stop categorizing criticism of feminist theory or policy as a criticism of some ‘out-of-date’ thing. When a sex worker says ‘feminists are oppressing me!’ your answer should be: ‘I’m not surprised, what can I do? Let’s put a stop to it!’ and NOT ‘no way, you gotta extra-hard prove that cuz all the bad radical feminism went away 30 years ago!’ and you also should NOT demand that they define ‘what sort of feminist?’ before you are willing to believe them. Feminists who are calling themselves feminists are oppressing sex workers, that’s who.

3) Stop thinking that you have to determine what ‘the majority experience’ is before you can decide what policy is best. The best policy is NOT prohibition. Ever.

4) Understand that those oh-so-unhelpful ‘end demand’ policies where they ‘don’t’ go after the sellers, and only the buyers are criminalized are still prohibition and there is not one single recognized sex workers rights organization that endorses them, and neither does the UN.

5) Be prepared to lobby mainstream feminist organizations to support sex workers rights and for them to extricate themselves from the anti-porn/anti-prostitution alliance with conservative christians.

6) Understand that the anti-trafficking industry that has sprung up in the last 10 years was created by and backed by people who profit off of the cheap labor of desperate people. They focus on ‘sex trafficking’ and work to ‘rescue’ prostitutes because they know that when the prostitutes send that money back home, those communities become less desperate and they are no longer able to profit off of them as much. Be VERY careful and apply MUCH skepticism to anti-trafficking orgs – there are some good ones, but they are few and far between. Anything founded after yr 2000 is HIGHLY suspect.

8) If you’re in California, vote No on Prop 35:



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