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It’s Downright Criminal!


We’re having two different arguments, them and us, the negs and the progs, they believe it’s all criminal, we don’t. They want to make sure that the women they deem criminal aren’t treated as criminals, they’ve constructed this theory to make that possible, seen most obviously in those “end the demand” programs that target sex buyers instead of sex sellers.

It’s a wrong-headed, shortsighted, ignorant and extremely dangerous way to try to keep the exchange criminal while decriminalizing one of the participants. To do that they have to paint the person being “decriminalized” as someone who wouldn’t take part in the exchange if she had any choice. That, right there, is using women, painting them as stupid or foolish or weak, to uphold the status quo.

The only “status quo” they say no to is the status quo of the seller getting charged with a crime. They want to criminalize the buyer, and de-criminalize the seller, regardless of legality. They tell men who buy from legal establishments that what they are doing is still criminal, a crime against women. The status quo of “the exchange is wrong” remains, and they fight like hell against that being changed. Selling sex has always been considered criminal. They will not consider changing that status quo. Anyone who suggests changing that status quo is the enemy of Judeo-Christian interests and Radical Feminist interests alike.

It should be simple, if you strip away the tall tales and terrible but trues, the fact remains that most sex-workers are women, and if you fight against their rights, you are fighting against women’s rights. If you think it’s ok because it’s for a woman’s own good, or for all women’s protection – then you sound just like a woman-controlling oppressive conservative christian. They say it’s because the bible says women need protecting, what’s your reason? Does your reason hold up under scrutiny better than christian biblical claims hold up? Are you afraid they don’t, so you won’t even bother scrutinizing?


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