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CraigsList Ad-Bans Kill Women


Sometimes I am plagued by self-doubt and get worried that I am too harsh or angry or quick to judge. Recently I was complaining about the anti sex-trafficking organizations and how so many of them are ignorant do-gooders who are actively doing-bad and I started to feel like a big ol’ jerk, and I was just about to write a post about how I shouldn’t be so angry about it and how they all just wanna do good and don’t know how – but then I came across this petition to force erotic services ads off of craigslist again and it reminded me of how my anger usually turns out to be well founded.

Sigh. Anyone who wants the erotic services section of craigslist shut down is someone who wants women to be killed.

Ok, that might’ve been a little harsh, but What.The.Fuck. are these anti ES people thinking? Do they think that IF the women advertising on there are forced that they will be SAFER being pimped out thru other venues? The majority of the women who advertise on craigslist are independents who’ve chosen to advertise their services there, and they are put in danger as well. And many of the independents who advertise on craigslist are not advertising there because CL has the cream of the crop client-wise. Women on CL need the money. 

The ads there are from women who need the money fast, they don’t have time to waste (or the money to afford) placing an ad on industry connection boards where they won’t get the instant results that CL does. So if these women need money fast, they’ll hit the streets, where they are put at far more risk than they are on their own turf. That’s the BEST case scenario. If a woman chose to list erotic services, she is rendered more desperate. If the woman has been FORCED she is put in grave danger. Seriously. Grave danger. If there is no market, the product becomes worthless, and a worthless product is in grave danger. That’s the worst case scenario. A product which needs disposing of.

Argh. Christ. I am right now listening to Amanda Kloer on a podcast, and it makes me want to scream, rage, cry, because she just doesn’t care about sex workers. Slavery is terrible.

You know what else?

Fucking Tom DeLay. Fucking Tom DeLay Dancing on TV when he is directly responsible for the enslavement of workers in the Northern Mariana Islands. Go watch this video from Bill Moyers, click ahead to 3:30 to where it starts talking about the Northern Marianas, and then read this and then this just for kicks.

Or don’t – the point is that Amanda Kloer doesn’t give a shit about sex workers. She read a book about human trafficking when she was in college, and so she decided to become an activist. Which is all well and good except that when I read about women who work from the street getting attacked by maniacs with staple guns who shoot staples into their faces and scalps, well I GET A LITTLE BIT PISSED OFF. Please forgive me while I take a moment to weep.  

Ok, so here’s Amanda Kloer talking about how the best way (BEST way oh my god) to combat the victimization of women and children is to END THE DEMAND.  That since men are pretty much able to buy sex from women who sell it, there is a market to buy sex, and because there is a market the sex slavers decide to meet the demand, so all ya gotta do is end the demand.

“Another issue is the issue of commercial sex, and there are a number of women and children, especially, who are exploited in commercial sex every year.  

And this is not just limited to prostitution that takes place on the street but it really goes into brothels and suburban neighborhoods and forms of commercial sex that we might see more often like escort agencies and gentleman’s clubs and pornography and erotic performances…

So I think that a big concern that a lot of folks have is that when we use those services we demand more commercial sex and the traffickers are willing to meet that demand by trafficking more women and girls and enslaving them in those commercial sex industries. 

So there’s been a big movement in the anti-trafficking movement to end demand, specifically in a lot of faith-based organizations have really been behind that encouraging people not to demand commercial sex, not to buy commercial sex in any of it’s forms and thus reduce the demand that is pushing traffickers to traffick more women and children.”

Yep. That’s totally do-able. I can’t see a single flaw in that logic. Oh by the way, Ms. Kloer was originally a “Corporate Advertising” major in college. She says she did a 360. (A 360. 360. Not 180… just sayin’.) 

The fact that someone who started out as a corporate advertising major and then became a human trafficing advocate but does not understand that  “restricted supply + demand that can’t be stopped = black market = suffering”  blows my mind. That she can say that shit and believe it blows my mind.

I mean, it seems rather obvious to me that if you flood the market with willing, fully autonomous, workers there will be less incentive for slavers to undertake the risk. I mean, that’s just what I’ve learned from every single other instance of prohibition that’s ever been enacted ever in the entire history of the world, but hey, what does that prove?  

That she says that shit and other people listen and sign her stupid petition thinking they are actually doing something good drives me to depths of despair.

I don’t know if it counts in her defense, or as further evidence of her guilt, that she seems to just be parroting a bunch of “faith-based organization” talking points. But I’ve read the comments left on her blog telling her she is doing harm, so if she’s parroting, why hasn’t she stopped to investigate why people tell her she’s wrong?

It’s a noble goal to want to end suffering. It truly is, I know that…   but ending demand, no matter what it is, drugs, drink, sex, it DOES NOT WORK. Not only does it NOT WORK, the only people who actually benefit from harsher restrictions are the CRIMINALS, and the people who continue to fight so that the CRIMINALS can CORNER THE MARKET are…. are…. are…. there just aren’t words to describe the stupidity, the selfishness of their advocacy, and the repulsiveness of the repeated and continuing refusal to consider that they might be DOING IT WRONG… Repeated and continuing refusal… because we all know people tell her that she is hurting sex-workers of any and all genders, and she doesn’t fucking care.

She says the book that inspired her was “Disposable People” and Ms. Kloer has turned people who choose to work in the sex-trades into exactly that: disposable people.

It’s some sort of twisted glorification of sex where these people feel that sex that’s been bought cannot be decent, cannot be good, cannot be moral, cannot be kind. But it can be. It so can be. And it doesn’t make men feel like they are entitled to sex, that’s what marriage and coupling up does, not what prostitution does. Prostitution is half of a 360 away from men feeling like they are entitled to sex, as in it’s the complete opposite.

Someone like me though, or all the other sex-workers out there who comment along with me on blogs where we feel our voices might be heard and where it might be safe enough to speak out, we are constantly – I mean constantly – told that our opinions don’t matter because we aren’t the women suffering. We are called shills and enablers and re-inforcers of the patriarchy who won’t ‘bite the hand that feeds us’.  That’s what the people who are fighting against the exploitation of women in the sex industry say to us, the women who are actually in the sex industry.

We’re privileged and the women who suffer aren’t lucky like us. We just love sexsexsex and want everybody to have it all the time! No, it can’t be that we actually know the people who suffer, or that we’ve come out of suffering, or that we learned from suffering and that makes us want to speak out, it’s ’cause we love sex so much. Jesus if I loved sex so much I’d give it away for free all over the place. Which leads me back to the twisted glorification of sex aspect, where it’s considered a moral defect to expect recompense for sexual interaction, where women are ONLY supposed to GIVE it away. To thier husbands and boyfriends. That’s your fucking sex slavery right there.

  1. Bradley
    11/03/2009 at 7:41 PM

    I agree with this post.

    • FW
      11/04/2009 at 1:18 AM

      Thanks Bradley :)

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