Crying Rape


Have you seen this story about the woman who “Cried Rape” who was sentenced to nine months for “perverting the course of justice”? The details are interesting: she still alleges that she was raped, she was charged because she falsified evidence when she gave police hair from a hairbrush and told them it was pulled from her head during the attack.  I think it should be understood that she did not give the police hair from the suspect, she gave them her own hair. I’m not sure why, I mean she could have just pulled hair from her head and given that to them, how did they suspect that she got it from a brush, did she just tell them at some point? I have questions is what I’m saying.

also: She still alleges that she was raped. She’s going to spend nine months in jail.

also also: Name of town it’s happening in is Horden.

also also also: I’m trying to find some stats on rape convictions in the UK and I find the “Home Office” report  – and I love that it ends in hors237. I know, where are the w’s, right? W’s are the most oppressed letter in the alphabet, don’t ya know, and you won’t be surprised to learn that horseradish is the most oppressed condiment.

Anyway… I want to know:
1) did she tell them her hair was pulled out before they asked for her hair? or,
2) did she have the hair in her hand when they arrived to investigate and say “look! he pulled this out of my head!” or,
3) if they asked her for the hair, did they expect her to have it?
4) why would they need her hair anyway? if she didn’t tell them it was from a brush, did they test it or something? If so, why?
5) are they still investigating the rape?

I mean, what if she was raped, and she said, “he pulled my hair out too” and they said, “well do you have your hair” and she says “I don’t know, maybe it’s somewhere I can find it” and they say “ok take a look, we’ll need that if you can find it” and she goes and remembers all the extra hair that came out the first time she brushed it after the rape and goes and grabs some to give to the police? But then why does it say she “perverted justice” for like 40 days? … sigh, questions….

From the article:

“Alexia Zimbler, defending, said: ‘This is an unusual case in that Ms Stephenson still maintains she was raped.
‘But she accepts the way in which she misled the police made it impossible for that allegation to be properly investigated.
‘She was ashamed and embarrassed by the way she met this man, and feared the police would not believe her or take her seriously if she told the truth about that.'”


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