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Know What REALLY Pisses Me Off?


You know what REALLY pisses me off? …. It’s that I read this shit all day everyday, I read all these stupid pdf’s and policy recommendations and publications from all sorts of “organizations” that are so gosh-darned concerned about women who are getting the shit beat out of them, yet I never see actual services offered to actual people. I hear stuff mentioned all the time, I read the stories of women who have been ‘saved’ by someone willing to care for once, but on not one of these sites do I EVER see a link that says “need help RIGHT NOW? here’s where you can go”. But HA of course there’s no link because there is NOWHERE to go because these smug self-righteous fuckers are too busy making ‘recommendations’ about what we as a society have to ‘examine’ or ‘consider’.

And I swear to fuck I am so so so so tired of reading slick pdfs from organizations whose members are all middle-aged white folks who’ve decided it would be more effective to use a photo of a WoC in order to demonstrate that they are definitely ‘concerned’ about the “underprivileged” (and the women are always either really really happy [i guess because they are finally free from exploitation], or really really sad with eyes full of dread and pain [i guess because they aren’t yet free from exploitation]).  

Over and over and over I read things like “Questions we should ask are….” or “We must network with other agencies to learn how they were able to successfully engage with victims” or “Particular attention must be paid to how the judicial system interacts with women who have been prostituted…” and I don’t even wonder why they don’t ask the actual prostitutes. Because, ya know, it’s obviously because yuck! prostitutes are covered in cum stains and stuff.

These fucking cowards so desperately want to feel like they are doing good deeds but all they manage to do is convene investigative councils who then spend the next few years alternatively ‘researching the issue’ or ‘spreading awareness’ but never really do anything.  They talk about it, they research it, they spread awareness of it, then they recommend to governments and other charities what CAN be done. Not what WILL be done, mind you, just what CAN be done.  Usually the governments decide the best thing to do is start kicking down doors with guns at the ready.

Day before yesterday I was reading a pdf from a coalition of churches located near one another where they were investigating the need and/or ability for the churches to offer services to prostitutes needing assistance refocusing their lives. They brainstormed up some questions for their fellow church dudes to answer, like “How are the churches engaged with, both practically and in their attitudes, individuals that have substance misuse issues and / or are involved in prostitution?” or “How are Christian churches equipped to support individuals involved in substance misuse issues and / or prostitution?”  (I found the paper again so those are the actual questions)

And the “conclusion” included lines like these:

“The Church leaders interviewed for this paper all demonstrated a clear desire to find ways in which their congregations could support vulnerable members of society. However beyond that general statement there are few general points that can be made.” ….. “The potential for increasing or improving engagement with the issues of substance misuse and the sex industry is significant.” ….. “There are barriers to action that should be taken seriously. Some church leaders highlighted that the issues of substance misuse and the sex trade were considered to be taboo in their community so would be unable to hold an open and constructive conversation within the congregation.” ….. “How to find suitable strategies to build upon the existing desire in Churches to support vulnerable members of society is the ultimate challenge posed by this paper.”

Yeah, that’s great. Church leaders “demonstrated a clear desire to find ways” – see they really wanted to find ways and that’s really just as good as actually finding ways, right? And we can praise jesus that there is “significant potential for improving engagement with the issues” because lord knows issues love being engaged

Sad though that the CHURCH LEADERS, the LEADERS who set the MORAL TONE and who have the power to make a taboo less tabooey are probably right that the congegration is going to be totally offended. That’s one of the most serious barriers I’ve ever seen! And yes, you have given us quite a challenge you busy little bee you! Indeed-  HOW will we find suitable strategies without being forced to actually interact with dopers and whores? 

Mayhap we should pray.


  1. krazykoreankyle
    11/01/2009 at 9:13 PM


  2. rachel cervantes
    11/01/2009 at 11:56 PM

    I’m not entirely certain what to think of your blog (admittedly I’m tired and kind of … brain dead) but…yeah, you’re right. Where is the helping hand?

  3. FW
    11/02/2009 at 3:52 AM

    Thanks for the comments :) Sorry it took so long for them to show, I took a nap that ended up being more of a full [day’s] sleep.

  4. 11/02/2009 at 5:53 AM

    I agree completely! Everyone in the world is so worried about how society as a whole is decaying but never does anything about it. They always say what they think should be done and wait around on their asses for other people to do it for them!

  1. 11/03/2009 at 4:03 AM
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