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This was originally a reply on this post about Emma Thompson signing the Polanski protest paper while also acting as an advocate on behalf of women forced into sexual servitude. Since I can’t control my urge to link and quote reams of stuff I’ve put the longer version here:

Well. Doesn’t seem all that hypocritical to me.

It’s my belief that what makes a person like Emma Thompson fail to comprehend the Polanski situation is the very same thing that makes her fail to comprehend that victims of trafficking are being used as scapegoats to enable governments to implement unwanted and unwarrented tracking of “free” human movement while strict border control policies are put in place.

It’s obvious to me that she has either not read the factual documentation from the Polanski trial and the goals and methods advocated by the UNODC and its partners, or she’s read it all and is a goddamned fascist or something. That’s just me though.

Oh and here’s a video where Emma plays a trafficked woman (VERY triggery) being repeatedly raped in order to spread “awareness”. 

As for the UNODC, here’s some text from one of their “toolkit” .pdf’s describing the aspects of the “Proactive Investigation” of suspected trafficking-

“‘Overview: This tool provides examples of multi-agency, intelligence-led approaches that bring together law enforcement, the intelligence community and various Government departments.”

investigators must find ways to exploit fully these evidential opportunities and thereby secure the rescue of the victims and the apprehension and conviction of the traffickers and the confiscation of their criminal assets.

For the purposes of this Toolkit, the proactive option in the context of trafficking in persons means the investigation, arrest and successful prosecution of traffickers without having to rely upon the cooperation and testimony of the victims.

By using a combination of intelligence, human and technical surveillance, undercover deployments (when authorized under the law) and standard investigative techniques, investigators can identify traffickers and ensure that they are effectively prosecuted. The use of this option is simply an acknowledgement on the part of law enforcement agencies of the real difficulties confronting victims of trafficking who may not be able or may not wish to testify against their exploiters.”

 The proactive option provides the means whereby law enforcement agencies can take steps to combat traffickers without the complaint and evidence of the victims. It is not intended to disenfranchise the victims from the prosecution process—far from it; the testimony of the victim will always remain the prime source of quality evidence. This option simply acknowledges the reality that such testimony is rarely forthcoming.

1)  Forfeiture laws suck 
2) Being able to prosecute someone without an accuser will almost certainly result in innocent people being targeted because 1) Forfeiture laws suck.
3) And thank you United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for scapegoating “victims of trafficking” so that you can justify the violation of  The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. That’s fucking awesome!

There’s also the UNODC “toolkit” titled “Addressing The Root Causes of Trafficking” 

“This tool discusses the root causes of trafficking in persons and the economic and social policies identified in the OSCE Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings aimed at addressing those root causes.”

These are a few of the points they mention: 

… administrative controls and intelligence gathering on the labour markets and, where applicable, on the sex industry, will contribute greatly to this objective.

Tackling underground economic activities that undermine economies and enhance trafficking.

Encouraging gender sensitization and education on equal and respectful relationships between the sexes, thus preventing violence against women  (yes indeed! thus!)

Promoting good governance and transparency in economic transactions  (what the fuck does that even mean?)

And now that I’m on their website, I might as well see what OSCE has been up to lately :

“””PRISHTINE/PRISTINA, 9 October 2009 – The OSCE Mission in Kosovo and the police launched a campaign today to inform people about children’s rights and reduce begging by children.

Using television and radio spots, posters and leaflets to be distributed Kosovo-wide, the campaign informs the public that forcing children to beg is a criminal offence and a serious violation of children’s rights.

“People living in Kosovo, known for their generosity, need to understand that by giving money to child beggars they are not helping the children but encouraging perpetrators to continue child abuse and exploitation,” said Wolff-Michael Mors, the deputy director of the OSCE Department for Human Rights and Communities.

“Solving the problem of child begging requires a joint effort by the police, the judiciary, municipal authorities and social workers. This campaign is just a first step. If people stop giving money to child beggars, child begging will not be profitable for those behind the crime, hence leading to a reduction.(yes indeed! Hence! better logic you will not find!)

The campaign follows a well-received pilot project to combat child begging in the Peje/Pec region in August and September.

The campaign is part of the OSCE Mission’s proactive police monitoring and co-operation with the police. The OSCE Mission promotes human rights and the rule of law, and supports efforts to foster an effective, accountable and human-rights compliant police service”””

Bonus!  Anti-child begging graphic!


And how fucked up is it that on page 24 of a 259 page pdf  from the World Health Organization that I stumbled onto the following is written:
“A plethora of studies now confirm that the younger a girl is when she first has sex, the more likely she is to report her sexual debut as forced.”

Really? Debut?



One last thing – you know what REALLY pisses me off? Ok, nevermind, I’ll put it in another entry….


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